Extra-Curricular Activities


Little Swans has lots to do with the local library.  Each week children from Heroes and Rolos go in groups for a story session.  Staff will take the time to read stories to them either individually or as a whole group.  

We hold all our Christmas Nativity plays here and parents come to watch their child take part.

The children have access to the computer and will spend time researching their favourite sites with their friends.  They enjoy their time there so much and have got to know the staff by name.

Carrs Lane

Each year the children visit Carrs lane Sheltered Accomodation both Easter and Christmas time.  They carry out their Nativity for the residents to watch as well as singing lots of Christmas songs and the Grandmas and Grandads love to join in.

During our Easter visit the children get very excited because they know an Easter egg will be waiting for them to take home! 


Forest School

The Forest School is at Yardley Primary and our children visit very week during term time.  Its a wonderful opportunity for them to be at one with nature. Everything there is mother natures best and the children get the opportunity to explore and get their hands dirty.  Climbing on logs, looking for bugs, listening to the rustling of the leaves, singing with the birds, running, jumping, looking for signs of wild life :) 

Creative Flair Kids 2019

A lady called Jenny runs Creative Flair and her company visit the nursery every Tuesday morning.  Carrie comes along to the setting and is the creative arts/ dance teacher.  She is fantastic with the children and has a lovely rapport with them all.  The children learn so much and love her visits.  She caters for all our age groups in the following way;

Jelly babies and Jelly Tots - Fun music sessions where the children can use music for movement.

Smarties, Sweeties, Rolos and Heroes - recorder sessions as well as tailored dance classes.

The children can have a taster session for £2.90p and if they enjoy the class parents can then pay for a 10 week course at a cost of £29 by direct debit.

Please refer to their website for lots more information by clicking here 



Out and About

Our children have plenty of opportunity to get out and about locally and love nothing better than taking a trip over to Tescos to buy their ingredients ready for cooking which they do every week.  They also enjoy trips to the local park at Oaklands where they have been collecting leaves recently ready for leaf prinitng and have been treated to time in the play area on the swings and slide etc  


Zoo Lab

This will be the 5th year we have booked Zoo lab for the children.  They visit the nursery armed with lots of exciting animals for the children to look at, stroke and pet apart form the spider ...eew!

There is usually a guineau pig, a tarantula, a cockroach, a chinchilla, a snail and many more interesting little creatures and bugs .....

It is a fantastic opportunity as many of our children have not visited a Zoo previously and therefore a great way to introduce the children to a new experience in a familiar environment with supporting staff for the children who are a little unsure.

Staff from the Zoo Lab are experienced with the Early Years age group and are at the childrens level when talking about the animals they help to care for.  The packages are tailored to the EYFS requirements and therefore support learning and development.