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 "Children enjoy ample opportunities to be active, and extend and test their physical skills. The nurturing staff team places a clear focus on promoting the children's personal, social and emotional development."


(Ofsted, January 2016)

Food hygiene rating '5' achieved for the ninth year

  running 2017

"Disabled children and those with special educational needs are fully included and valued. Staff work sensitively with children, planning precisely for their learning and ensuring they make sustained progress in relation to their starting points."







   (Ofsted, January 2016)


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''Staff are highly responsive to the needs of children to secure their safety, welfare and well-being. As a result, the children show a real sense of belonging, confidently exploring their environment and are happy."

(Ofsted, January 2016) 

Food Hygiene rating '5'Achieved again for the ninth year running 2017 


"The leadership team has an excellent overview of the nursery, staff practice, quality of teaching and the progress children make. Self-evaluation is used astutely to drive continuous improvement."

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Fri 16th November

Posted on 16th November, 2018

Hello and welcome back to Jelly babies and Jelly tots blog

This week the Jelly babies have been using different objects to paint pictures. They have been using wooden blocks, paint brushes and their body parts to create their lovely work.

They have also been making cakes for the cake sale, the children took turns to mix the ingredients and practising using their tools.

The children have been using felt tips to create their lovely pictures of Pudsey to celebrate children in need.

We have been playing with our new role play tools cooking and moving. The children have been pretending to tasting for the food.

The children have been playing in the sand, using different tools such as utensils, buckets and spades.

They have also been playing with the corn flour.

We have also been making hand prints with different colours.

This week in Jelly tots we have been enjoyed using our fine motor skills to create lots of lovely and colourful marks on our Pudsey bear pictures for children in need.

We have also enjoyed dressing up in Pudsey bear themed clothing and colours with bear ears.

We have also enjoyed mixing lots of ingredients together to make gooey chocolate brownies to sell at our cake sale.

We have also done lots of sensory play using dry rice, sand and water. Filling little tubs with the pasta and the tipping it out onto the tray.

We are also still working on our Makaton signing and we are still learning how to do the ABC song in Makaton.

Thank you for reading our blog see ypu next week.

Friday 9th November 2018

Posted on 9th November, 2018

Hello and welcome back to the Jelly babies and Jelly Tots blog.

The children in jelly babies have been making some Diwali cards they have used a variety of different colours to mark make on the paper. The children had lots of fun playing at our Diwali party using bubbles and balloons as well as dancing to a variety of cultural music to help the children learn about different music styles.

The children have been playing with lots of small world toys such as the dolls house and making them sit on the furniture they had also lots of fun playing with the dolls and dressing them.

The children have been sticking and gluing using lots of glue and paper as well as using a variety of tissue paper and lots of really bright colours.

The children have also been exploring the water and mixing food colouring into the water and splashing around and looking at the animals with the duplo.

They have also been playing in the sand and building castles using the buckets and spades.

The children have been been mixing the gloop with warm and cold water and feeling the different textures with their fingers.

The children have been singing and dancing to tmble tots and baby shark.

The jelly tots have enjoyed having lots of different food during our Diwali party and copying our teachers dance moves to Diwali music. They have also  enjoyed  making lots of firework pictures enhancing our fine motor skills.

They have also been working on our self care too, where they have been finding their own belongings and attempting to undo and redo the zips on their coats.

Jelly Tots have enjoyed learning the abc song in Makaton alongside their teachers

What a lovely week we have had hope to see you soon

Friday 2nd November 18

Posted on 2nd November, 2018

This week in Jelly Babies we have had lots of fun doing foam play this week, we have been moving our hands in the foam and making marks in the foam. We have started decorating our diwali cards, we chose to decorate stars as its all about the festival of light. We have been doing lots of sensory play, we enjoyed exploring different materials and adding materials into foam and water. We loved the zoo lab as well, we saw a tortoise, snail, mice and a snake. the babies were very gentle and really kind seeing the different animals. We have been doing sand play and creating sand pictures too. They loved getting messy and dribbling the glue on the paper. We loved the halloween party too. The babies all dressed up and Carrie the dance teacher came in and danced with us! We loved eating the yummy party food as well.


This week in Jelly Tots we have been spending some time up in the smarties room. We have been exploring their toys and actvities as well as getting to know the children and staff. To find out what we have been doing with the smarties, head over to the Smarties and Sweeties blog. 

Jelly Babies and Jelly Tots Blog, 26th october

Posted on 26th October, 2018

Jelly Babies

This week in Jelly Babies we have had lots of dun doing gloop play. We have been adding food colouring into the gloop, we made orange, yellow and blue gloop. We have been exploring different textures too by adding oats into the gloop and adding more water to make it runnier.

We have been playing with shape sorters, and working out which shapes fit into which holes. The babies were really good at this.

The children have been creating their halloween cards ready for next week. They had a choice of what materials to used to decorate their cards. They used glitter, glue, tissue paper, paint and objects to print onto their cards. They look great!

The children really enjoyed dressing up this week, they have been doing halloween dress up, wearing witches outfits and dracula too.

The Jelly Babies have been playing with pop up toys, pressing the buttons and working out which buttons to press to make the toys pop up. The children also enjoyed playing with the spinning top toys, they wereb pressing the tops and watching the balls spin and move inside.

The Jelly babies have enjoyed outdoor play this week, we have been playing with the interactive wall, and exploring the mud kitchen.

We also made some yummy flapjacks, the babies helped to mix the ingredients and had a touching session before hand where they got to touch the ingredients and feel the foods. The Jelly babies also enjoyed tasting the flapjacks too! 


Jelly Tots

This week in Jelly tots the makaton sign we have been practicing is 'hello' and 'please'. Everytime we say these words we are signing and encouraging the children to do it too, they have been doing great at this and are catching onto this well. 

They have been making halloween pictures too, they have been doing glueing and sticking and using emtpy sweet halloween wrappers. 

The jelly tots have been playing with the bikes in the garden, they have been racing up and down and around the outdoorr equipment. 

The children have enjoyed dressing up this week, they have been wearing dressing up outfits. They loved deciding and choosing which outfits and hats to wear. 

We also made some yummy flap jacks too, they loved adding the chocolate into the flapjacks and eating them too!

Friday 19th October 2018

Posted on 19th October, 2018

This week we have had a very creative week in Jelly Babies. We have been getting very messy in the sensory play, We have explored different textures such as cornflour play, sand play and cooking making Jam Tarts. We have also been working on our social skills including getting used to our routine in babies, settling in sessions with new friends and adapting to the routine. We have also been taking part in activites such as dancing to party songs, dressing up for Halloween and also making our Halloween cards.

This weeks Makaton sign was "Hello" and "Goodbye".


This week in Jelly Tots we have been working towards our story of the month which is 'Room on the broom', we have been reading the book to learn about what happens to the witch, and we ahve also being getting creative and creating a display for everyone to enjoy. We have linked our book in with the Halloween theme you may have noticed around nursery, we have been getting involved with halloween dress up, getting involved with Halloween textured activities such as animal/insects play and also looking at their features and noises they make,

This weeks Makaton signs have been "Look", "Hello" and "Goodbye".

Friday 5th October

Posted on 5th October, 2018

This week in Jelly babies we have enjoyed carring out sponge painting, we have been dabbing the sponges into the colourful paints and them onto our paper. We have also enjoyed making banana milkshakes with our teachers, while experiencing different noises from the blender in the kitchen as well as different textures from the milkshakes. We have also been doing some gluing and sticking using lots of different materials for our post cards to go up on our lovely post man display. We have been reading the different topic books and looking at the bright and colourful pictures of "Room on the Broom". We have also been creating different noises with he musical instruments, exploring how to bang and tap them against each other and on the floor. 




This week in Jelly tots we have been doing lots of different focus activities with our teachers. We explored different types of fruit that had been cut up and then dipped them into paint. We then printed the fruit onto different coloured paper to create our fruit printing display. The Jelly Tots have also been talking about the different ypes of weather by looking out of the window at what they can see. The were able to see the sun and clouds with all of their friends and teachers. 

We have also been talking lots about halloween, we have discovered different types of dress up in our role play area and were dressed up as wicthes and spiders. while we did this we danced to a halloween version of baby shark and other halloween nursery rhymes. We really enjoyed making up different dance moves with our friends and had a lovely time. 

Thursday 27th Sep

Posted on 27th September, 2018

Hello and welcome to the Jelly Babies and Jelly Tots blog

The children in jelly tots have been gluing and sticking lots of different materials and coloured paper. The children had fun playing with the tissue paper ripping them up and scrunching them into pieces.

The children have been listening to the sounds in the environment and talking about cars and motorbike the children have also heard lots of lorries and have been fascinated when they saw the truck that empties the bottle bank.

They have also been learning to drink out of an open top cup an have also been pouring their own water into different containers. 

The children have also been talking about weather and making this int a lovely display with a rainbow as a sun and clouds. 

The children have been practising throwing and catching a ball outside.

This week the children have been concentrating on the makaton sign look and please

.This week the babies have been exploring different types of toys which they can play with our friends with such as balls and teddies.

The children have been exploring the different materials and resources such as water and paint.

The babies have also been creating mirror painting and had lots of fun making marks and using lots of different colours.

What a lovely week we have had hope to see you again next week

Friday, 21st September 2018.

Posted on 21st September, 2018

Jelly Babies:


InJelly Babies the children have enjoyed exploring the sand a lot this week where they have used a variety of their senses to explore the sand in a variety of ways. The children have been walking through the sand as well as sitting, kneeling down and lying down in the sand. The children have also been using different tools to explore the sand such as lego bricks, spades, buckets, sieves and role play items also.


The children have enjoyed making marks in the sand using their fingers and they have been pouring the sand on other childrens hands and legs too. The children have watched the adults use the broom and dust pan and brush to sweep up the sand and some of the children have picked up the childrens brooms and copied the adults actions and they have been exploring the sands taste.


The children have also enjoyed lots of nursery rhymes this week and singing along with their teachers and learning the actions to the songs such as wheels on the bus, wind the bobbin up, and tommy thumb.


Jelly Tots:


This week in Jelly Tots the children have been working on creating lots of art work for their new displays within the room. The children have been exploring paint using their hands and making lots of hands prints to make a rainbow display. The children have used a variety of materials such as glue, glitter, shiny pieces of paper and card and tissue paper to create their art work too.


Jelly Tots have been making lots of marks this week using the chalks on the black chalk boards. They have used the chalks to attempt to draw circles and drawn lots of lines on the small chalk boards indoors and on the large chalk board on the wall in Jelly Tots too. The children also took this activity outside and continued to make marks on the outdoors chalk boards and on the pavement too around the playground.


The Jelly Tots have also been playing with the sand in the large sand pit outside, where the children have used buckets, spades, sieves and other tools to transfer the sand from one area to another and into different sized buckets and containers. The children have also explored the sand indoors, in our small sand tray and also been adding water to the sand to watch the sand's consistency change and then feeling the texture of wet sand compared to dry sand. The children much prefered the wet sand to the dry sand!



Friday 14th September

Posted on 14th September, 2018

Jelly Babies

This week in Jelly Babies we have had lots and lots of fun doing many different activities. We have focused on sensory activities this week. We have done gloop (cornflour) play. The babies enjoyed getting their fingers in the gloop and watching the gloop drip off. The babies heve also been doing material sensory play, exploring different materials and the textures.

We have done spaghetti play to. The babies felt the spaghetti and then we added different coloured paint and the children helped to mix the paint and the soaghetti together. We then did pasta printing, and created some lovely pictures. The patterns were very bright and prominant and we will be using these pictures on our new display board.

The children loved making chocolate concrete cake this week to. They helped to mix all the inredients together and loved tasting them too,

The children loved making artwork too, they did sticking and gluing with different coloured tissue. The babies spread the glue themselves and used their hands to pat down on the tissue paper to make it stick.

The children loved outdoor play this week, we had fun building sandcastles and emptying and filling containers.


Jelly Tots

This week in Jelly tots we have been creating new artwork for out new display board. They have been creating different coloured hand prints to create a giant rainbow. The children loved handprinting and using different colours to make them, they also talked about the colours they were using.

The Jelly tots made chocolate concrete cake too, they were  watching the ingredients turn into mixture.

The children have been learning the abc song but with makaton actions to. They have been singing the rhythm of the song and then learning the sign.

The Jelly tots have enjoyed sticking and gluing and colouring to create artwork for their art folder to. They used different materials to create colourful pictures. 

The children have enjoyed outdoor play, especially playing on the bikes, in the mud kitchen and in the sand pit. 

Friday, 7th September 2018

Posted on 7th September, 2018

Jelly Babies


This week in Jelly Babies they have been exploring different colours via creating some colourful pictures and adding different materials to the pictures also. The Jelly Babies have also been exploring sensory play via the use of pasta play and tissue paper play in the tuff trays, where the babies have been able to sit in the tuff tray and explore the different textures of the contents within the tray.


They Jelly Babies have enjoyed playing in the garden, exploring the mud kitchen and transfering mud from one bowl to another and using different utenciles to transfer the mud around the mud kitchen. The Jelly Babies have also enjoyed playing with the large cars within the garden, using their gross motor skills and physcial development and have been enhancing their fine motor skills through play within the garden using the interactive wall such as the locks, door knockers, balls and light switches.




Jelly Tots


This week in Jelly Tots they have been working on getting used to the new routine, where they sing the washing hands song and then wash their hands once their name has been called within the song. The Jelly Tots have also been working on saying hello and waving when their name has been called on the reigster and getting used to singing the reigstration song too, all of which enables the Jelly Tots to learn the names of their new teachers and new friends too.


The Jelly Tots have also been making lots of hand prints using a variety of coloured paints so that we can incorporate the work into the new display board for all the new children within Jelly Tots. We have also been using a variety of resources for this display too such as cotton wool, glitter, and tissue paper too. All of this enables the Jelly Tots to work on their fine motor skills too.


The Jelly Tots have really enjoyed playing with the cars and garages this week, where they have been playing with a variety of sized cars, big and small and making car noises whilst play with the cars and garages. They have also attempted to build a train track with the help of their teachers.