Our letters from Parents


Here are some of the cards we have recieved, from children who have left us to go to school.



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We have included comments we have recived from parents and carers when their child has left the nursery. These can also be viewed at the nursery, as we display all our Thank you cards for parents and visitors to read. Thank you


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Just wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for the amazing care shown to George during his 2 years at little swans.
You have all been amazing and I know George will miss you all dearly! Unfortunately we are relocating meaning it is too far to travel and are very sorry to be leaving! Every staff member we have had the pleasure of interacting with has been friendly, caring and accommodating. George has loved every key worker and staff in each room and formed some lovely bonds which I know have helped mould him into making positive connections which will aid with future care givers. Can not recommend to parents enough - thoroughly positive experience.

Thank you

Charlotte & Lee
I would like you to accept my sincerest thanks and appreciation for everything you have done at the nursery. The staff are wonderful and Alex has a fantastic time at nursery. It saddens me to take her out of the nursery due to my change in circumstances as I am very happy with the care she has received here. I would absolutely recommend this nursery to any parent,
Maggie has loved her 4 years at Little Swans. She has attended all the rooms over the years and all of them have looked after her so well. She has made some lovely friends and had some great experiences. It has certainly prepared her for school! Thank you so much to all the staff who work so hard. Maggie will miss you.
We are very sorry to be leaving and are only doing so as it makes sense now we have moved house. Since we moved a year ago, the distance has been challenging at times but we all wanted to finish his nursery years with yourselves as Freddie has formed such great relationships with both children and staff.

We want to give Tisha a special thank you as she has been a great role model for Freddie - she has been a very special friend as we as being very firm, which he has most certainly needed :)

All the staff have been wonderful and we wish you every success in the future.
I would like to take this opportunity to sat Thank You all for your amazing hard work with Alfie. I firmly believe he would not be the confident and polite boy he is without Little Swans. I have nothing but praise for this nursery and have recommended it to everyone I know. It is with great sadness that we have to leave but I know he is ready to move onto school.

I hope we can come back and visit you all.