Little Swans Day Nursery

330 Yardley Road, Yardley, Birmingham, B25 8LT


Inspection date: 17/12/2016

Previous inspection date: 22/04/2013


The quality and standards of the early years provision:

This inspection: Outstanding  1     II     Previous inspection: Outstanding  1


Effectiveness of the leadership and management Outstanding  1

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Outstanding 1

Personal development, behaviour and welfare Outstanding 1 

Outcomes for children Outstanding  1




Summary of key findings for parents:


  • This provision is outstanding.
  • Children make significant progress from their starting points due to the high-quality teaching.
  • They show high levels of interest and motivation during their play and are eager to learn.
  • There is excellent partnership working with parents. This contributes to the early identification of any children needing extra support and the swift involvement of other specialist services if required. 
  • Staff work extremely well with other professionals working with the children, and the local children's centre and school.
  • Staff provide an excellent package of support for those children and their families who need it most. 
  • Disabled children and those with special educational needs are fully included and valued. Staff work sensitively with children, planning precisely for their learning and ensuring they make sustained progress in relation to their starting points. 
  • Staff are highly responsive to the needs of children to secure their safety, welfare and well-being. As a result, children show a real sense of belonging, confidently explore their environment and are happy.  
  • The leadership team has an excellent overview of the nursery, staff practice, quality of teaching and the progress children make. Self-evaluation is used astutely to drive continuous improvement.


What the setting needs to do to improve further 


To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:


  • continue to focus on opportunities for professional development for new staff and those working towards a qualification that increases the potential to maintain the excellent level of practice.


Inspection activities


The inspector observed the quality of teaching during activities indoors and outdoors, and assessed the impact this has on children's learning. 


  •  The inspector completed a joint observation with the provider. 
  •  The inspector held a meeting with the nursery manager and provider. 
  •  The inspector looked at relevant documentation, such as the nursery's action plan and evidence of the suitability of staff working in the nursery.   
  •  The inspector spoke to a small selection of parents during the inspection and took account of their views. 


 Inspection findings


Effectiveness of the leadership and management is outstanding  


There are excellent systems in place to monitor teaching practice and children's progress. Teaching is highly effective. Staff are extremely well supported and supervision is effectively used to plan for staff's professional development. This helps to ensure all staff meet the high expectations of the nursery. Most staff are qualified or working towards qualifications. They make the very best use of their knowledge gained through training, so that children make excellent progress. The manager recognises the need to continue to enrich new staff's professional development. Arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff know the procedures to follow if they are concerned about a child. Children are very well supervised and staff always ensure they work within ratios. Staff share detailed information with parents about the provision and any written complaints made by parents are promptly investigated.     


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding  


Staff use a highly effective observation and assessment system. They plan precise targets for each child to help them make excellent progress. They plan an exceptional range of activities and experiences for all areas of learning. Staff caring for the pre-school children are extremely knowledgeable of the age group they are working with. Children thoroughly enjoy listening to well-read stories and confidently join in naming characters in the book. All staff are energetic and clearly enjoy the time they spend with the children. Staff caring for the younger children and babies use singing, their voice and touch extremely well to communicate. Children's communication and language skills are excellent and they readily initiate conversations with adults and each other.   


Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding  


The key-person system is highly effective, and children are nurtured and thriving. Staff gather very detailed information from parents about their child. This helps them have a thorough knowledge of each child's needs and they conscientiously meet these. Since the last inspection, the outdoor area has been enhanced. Children enjoy ample opportunities to be active, and extend and test their physical skills. The nurturing staff team places a clear focus on promoting the children's personal, social and emotional development. Any challenging behaviour is dealt with sensitively and consistently, and older children know the agreed codes of behaviour. Staff help children to learn about the needs of others and differences within the group, the community and the wider world. Staff use topics and initiatives extremely well to teach children about living a healthy lifestyle.    

 Outcomes for children are outstanding 


All children, including funded two-year-old children, make significant progress in their learning from their starting points. Children show high levels of involvement and concentration as they play. Older children know and respond to the routines extremely well and confidently take on extra responsibility. They are keen to learn and gain the key skills they need in preparation for school


Setting details


Unique reference number       EY103338

Local authority Birmingham Inspection number       1034185

Type of provision       Full-time provision

Day care type Childcare - Non-Domestic Registers Early Years Register, Compulsory Childcare Register, Voluntary Childcare Register

Age range of children       0 - 5

Total number of places       78

Number of children on roll       93

Name of provider          Elaine Sheila Boulton

Date of previous inspection        22 April 2013

Telephone number       0121 706 8889


Little Swans Day Nursery was registered in 2001 and is privately owned. The nursery opens Monday to Friday for 51 weeks of the year. Sessions are from 7.30am to 6pm. The nursery provides funded early education for two-, three- and four-year-old children. There are 20 members of staff. Of these, two hold a relevant qualification at level 6, 10 at level 3, one at level 2 and the others are all working towards a qualification.


This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act 2006 on the quality and standards of provision that is registered on the Early Years Register.  The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the statutory framework for children’s learning, development and care, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage. 


Any complaints about the inspection or the report should be made following the procedures set out in the guidance ‘Complaints procedure: raising concerns and making complaints about Ofsted’, which is available from Ofsted’s website: If you would like Ofsted to send you a copy of the guidance, please telephone 0300 123 4234, or email