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 "Children enjoy ample opportunities to be active, and extend and test their physical skills. The nurturing staff team places a clear focus on promoting the children's personal, social and emotional development."


(Ofsted, January 2016)

Food hygiene rating '5' achieved for the ninth year

  running 2017

"Disabled children and those with special educational needs are fully included and valued. Staff work sensitively with children, planning precisely for their learning and ensuring they make sustained progress in relation to their starting points."







   (Ofsted, January 2016)


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''Staff are highly responsive to the needs of children to secure their safety, welfare and well-being. As a result, the children show a real sense of belonging, confidently exploring their environment and are happy."

(Ofsted, January 2016) 

Food Hygiene rating '5'Achieved again for the ninth year running 2017 


"The leadership team has an excellent overview of the nursery, staff practice, quality of teaching and the progress children make. Self-evaluation is used astutely to drive continuous improvement."

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Friday 11th January 2019

Posted on 11th January, 2019

This week in Rolos we have been looking very closely at our routines and our boundaries, this is beacause we have had lots of new friends start and we have been teaching them what we do throughout the day to help them. To link in with this we have also been looking at managing our own feelings and behaviour this includes making relationships and also sharing.

Rolos have also done lots of work on our book of the month for our display which is 'Where going on a bear hunt' we ave been paiting and colouring to make creative pictures!

Lastly we have also been working on our Makaton signing including the words "Please" "Thank You" "Toilet" and "Mommy" which we have done very well with.


This week we have been focsuing on the story of the month 'Where going on bear hunt' we have read both the story and watched the film to link in with this.

We have been exploring different textures to link in too, including grass, mud and water for our bear cave. The heroes have enjoyed discussing their best part of the story with each other and making links to their home life including weather and different animal experiences.

The letter A is our phonics letter of the week, we have been exploring the letter A and exploring how we can write the letter A independantly and also looking at things that begin with the letter A too.

Lastly we have made biscuits with Toni, helping to mix ingredience and also look at quantities.

Friday 4th January 19

Posted on 4th January, 2019

Hello and welcome back to the preschool blog

This week the Sweeties have been enjoying time in the preschool room.

This week the children have been playing with their friends and have lots of fun talking about what they did over the Christmas break.

They have been playing on the astro turf using the climbing equipment and make making marks on the walls. We have enjoyed dancing and using the bead and threads. We have been learning about colours by mixing paints and have been making firework pictures.

This week the Heroes have been learning about  their 2d and 3d shapes they have been finding shapes and listening to the shape songs.

We are also still continuing to learn jolly phonics by listening to letter stories and songs and by looking at the letters in the environment. They have also been writing the letters they see.

The children have been focusing on the colours they see and using the peg boards. They have been recognising colours by using the linking toys and the peg boards. This has helped the children to develop their hand eye coordination.

The children have also started reading the we are going on a bear hunt story which is our topic book.

What a lovely week we have had this week hope to see you again soon.

Friday 12th December 2018

Posted on 14th December, 2018

This week Rolos have been very busy with their chrsitmas activities, we have been making out christmas crackers which have christmas treats inside for the children, we have made out paper tree decorations whcih this year we have done candy canes, and finally finishing off our Chrisitmas bags!

We have also focused on our mathmatics this week where we have been looking at makinh pairs in the matching game, looking at sizes and lengths of things, looking at which are bigger and smaler and also looking at the weight on things and seeing how weights can be changed such as adding and taking away in order to make this change.

Last but not least we have taken part in this years Christmas Party, where we have done lots of dancing and games with our entertainer and also had a visit from Santa as well asChristmas Jumper Day! The children have got very creative this year and we have seen a range of fabulous festive jumpers!


This week in Heroes we have been working very hard on our shapes, we have been looking at 3D shapes and also making the link with shapes in the enviroment. 

As your aware we have had our yearly christmas party where we have had our favorite entertainer doing lots of dancing and party games with us and also had a visit from santa!

We have been continuing the christmas fun by making our christmas dinner placemats, making our christmas cakes, making our very own Santa for our display and using our stamps to decorate the christmas crackers!


Fri 7th December 2018

Posted on 7th December, 2018

Thsi week in Rolo's we have been very busy getting involved in our Christmas festivities. We have been talking part in lots of activities such as finger painting to make our christmas cards, we have been doing drawing whcih is for our placemats where we have discussed food we like and dislike aswell as healthy and unhealthy, and we have also done some hand sensory painting to make our 2019 calenders!

We have working very hard on our shapes and numbers this week to, we have been looking at the 'Shapes Song' where we have been learning shapes such as Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Circle and Pentagon, and for our numbers we have been counting to 20 and also working on recognising 1-5.

We have had lots of fun this week learning our christmas songs and singing and dancing to them, our favorties are 'Jingle Bells' and 'When Santa got stuck up the chimley'.

We have also decorated our very own Christmas Tree!


This week in Heroes we have been working very hard in rehersing our Christmas Nativity, we have been trying our costumes and also rehursing our lines and songs, we also went down to Carrs Lane Village where we practiced infront of the nannies and grandads.

We have also been doing lots of christmas fun, this includes decorating our christmas tree, making placemats for dinner using colourful crayons, making snowflakes and penguins and snowballs for our christmas display.

We have also made our very own Santa using lots of red paint and cotton wool for his beard and sack!

We have enjoyed learning and dancing to our christmas songs too and really getting into the christmas spirit.

Friday 23rd November 2018

Posted on 23rd November, 2018

This week in Rolo's we have been doing lots of creative play, we have been exploring with different textures to create pictures/collages to display in our room. We have been using materials such as sand, glue, collage pieces (Card, paper and different textures fabrics) and also markers, crayons, felts and painting. This has also tied in with our fine motor skills progression where we have been working on using and maintaining good control over our movement esecially when mark making and attempting to write the first letters of our names.

Rolos have also been learning areas of mathmatics, this includes shapes and numbers. Daily we have been looking into different forms of letter recognition using techniques such as our 'Letter Soup' box, letter flash cards and also Jolly Phonics. With numbers we have been working on counting at every opportunity, including helping our teachers count children, steps, toys and much more, we have also linked in our days of the week with this counting up the days to which date it is.

We have had such a busy week and we have been working very hard to show our parents and carers for paretns evening next week!


This week in Heroes we have been practicing our Christmas Nativity which has been lots of fun and we are making great progress!

We have been practicing all our individual parts aswell as visiting the Library to do a rehersal in the correct enviroment to adapt.

We have also been practicng our gross motor skills including techniques such as dancing to music, playing party games such as musical bumps/chairs and also obsticles in the outdoor play enviroment.

To link in with our outdoor exloring we have been looking at different sounds that we can hear and recognise in the enviroment, we have been looking at sounds such as crunching leaves non the floor, rain on the windows and animals noises we observe.


Both Heroes and Rolo's have taken part in Rhyming Week, where we have learnt and sang a new rhyme every day including Hot Cross Buns, The Sailer went to sea and Im a little Tea pot.

Friday 16th Novemebr

Posted on 16th November, 2018

Hello and welcome back to the preschool blog

In Rolos they have been learning about the different occupations such as soldiers, doctors, dentists, firemen and police and what they do to help us. The children had fun dressing up and talking about what they were dressed as. The have also been reading books and talking about what each occupation on the pictures is doing.

The children have also been practising pencil control and using letter sheets and patterns to practice holding the pen and pencils.

They have also been learning about children in need and why we have it and how it helps others. For children in need we have had a cake sale so the children have had lots of fun baking and decorating yummy cakes.

The children have been starting their jolly phonics lessons this week and practising how to pronounce each letter.

They have also been exploring with lots of colours and how they can be changed.

Heroes have been finding objects that begin with the letter S to support there jolly phonics lessons.

They have also been exploring different textures such as cream and cake and mixing it together to create different textures.

The children have also been making yummy cakes for children in need and learning about why we raise money to help other children. The children have been really excited to learn about this and were keen to help other children.

To encourage the children to explore textures we have been putting glue on our hands and making glue hand prints then putting lots and lots of soil on it.

The Heroes have also been learning about shapes and using the carpet shapes and shape boards to make patterns and arrangements with the shapes.

Thank you for reading our blog.

Hope to see you again next week.

Fri 9th Nov

Posted on 9th November, 2018

Hello and welcome to the preschool blog

The children in preschool have been learning about rememberance day they made wreaths and poppys which we will be taking to the war memoral with the children from preschool. The children have also been learning about why we have rememberance day and dressing up in army uniforms.

The children have been decorating biscuits to look like poppys aswell using icing sugar.

The children have been practising their jolly phonics by learning about the letter s and using the songs, books as well as finding the objects around the room.

They have also been practising the nativity and learning the songs from the play.

Th children have been playing with the role play pretending they were having a party. The children have pretended to make cakes and had lots of fun playing pass the parcel during the day.

The children have also been having a diwali party and listening to the different types of music

Thank you for reading the blog hope to see you next week

Friday 2nd November 2018

Posted on 2nd November, 2018

This week in rolos we have been learning about bonfire night and fire works. We spoke about how we have to be very careful and safe around the bonfires and fire works. We also spkoe about the different colours and sounds that we can see and hear when we are around the bonfire and around the fire works. We have also been making some fire works and bonfire pictures ready for our new display.

We have also been looking and been talking about rememberance day and what it means to different people. We spoke about the war and the different uniforms that they wear. We have been making lots of different types of poppies for the nursiries display, we painted poppies on stones, make poppies from paper and lolly pop sticks and made a poppie wreath.

We have alos been doing lots of different sensory play, we made jelly, gloop, sand and water. We explored the different textures and smells of each item and spoke about which ones were our faourites.

The Rolos have also been looking at different spiders and insects ready for our zoo lab trip, where we will get to look at different animals and talk about where they live and what they eat.



This week in heros we have been getting very messy and very creative with our play. We made jelly and played with it using spoons to scoop it all up and used scissors to help cut it into different sized pieces. We have been doing some fruit and vegetable printing as well, this is to go to the food bank with our collecton that we gave. As well as fruit and veg printing we also did duplo block printing and looked at the different sizes that we could see.  We have also been talking a lot about our family and what we have all been doing with our families at the weekend. A lot of us spoke about halloween and that we went trick or treating with our families and got lots of different sweets and treats. We also spoke about who has coming to the halloween party and what we were going to dress us as. We then drew pictures of our costumes and what we wanted to be on halloween.

Rolos and Heroes Blog, 26th October

Posted on 26th October, 2018


This week in Rolos we have been looking at our phonics and working on pronouncing our letters. 

The children have been working on their pencil control and fine motor skills. They have been doing their tripod grasps and practising holding their pencils.

The chldren have been doing lots of messy play too, gloop, spaghetti, splat painting and insect printing.

We have been talking about bonfire night too, and the safety of bonfire night. The children liked looking at the bonfires in pictures. 

The children have been dressing up in halloween outfits too and loved wearing the hats.



Thie week we have been gluing and sticking pictures onto paper. They have been using their fine motoro skills to use scissors to cut out the pictueres and then glue them onto their paper.

The Heroes have enjoyed mixing paints to dark colours and making scary pictures.

The children have enjoyed making halloween pictures using paper plates, they have been able to paint eyes and a nose and mouth onto their plates.

They have also been doing physical activities with their friends, such as running, racing and taking it in turns to play on the bikes.They have also been following instructiosn to make flapjacks and jelly. 

Friday 19th October 2018- Rolos and Heroes.

Posted on 19th October, 2018

This week we have been very busy in Rolo's. We have focused our learning on a few areas which include;

Our Fine Motor skills, in which we have been practicing with ativities such as threading, writing sheets, peg boards and messy activities such as cooking and Halloween sensory play.

Letter Formation/Pencil Control: We have been working very had in being able to write the first letter of our own name, doing this in a variety of ways including salt mark making, Initial letter sheets and also shaving foam marking.

Halloween Topic: We have been getting involved with a variey of activities such as slime play, gooey spaghetti play with spiders and insects and also dressing up in Halloween costumes and masks.

We have also been working on our Makaton signs which are "Please" and "Thank You".


This week in Heroes we have been working on a variety of topics which include...

Joining letters to practice writing our own names, which includes holiding a pen correctly. We have been doing Halloween activites including dress up and creating our Halloween dress up corner, playing games such as making mummies of our friends with toilet roll, creating our own Halloween masks, and creating our own Halloween spooky stories at circle time.

We have also took part in our weekly cooking in which we made yummy Jam Tarts.