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 "Children enjoy ample opportunities to be active, and extend and test their physical skills. The nurturing staff team places a clear focus on promoting the children's personal, social and emotional development."


(Ofsted, January 2016)

Food hygiene rating '5' achieved for the ninth year

  running 2017

"Disabled children and those with special educational needs are fully included and valued. Staff work sensitively with children, planning precisely for their learning and ensuring they make sustained progress in relation to their starting points."







   (Ofsted, January 2016)


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''Staff are highly responsive to the needs of children to secure their safety, welfare and well-being. As a result, the children show a real sense of belonging, confidently exploring their environment and are happy."

(Ofsted, January 2016) 

Food Hygiene rating '5'Achieved again for the ninth year running 2017 


"The leadership team has an excellent overview of the nursery, staff practice, quality of teaching and the progress children make. Self-evaluation is used astutely to drive continuous improvement."

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Friday 16th November

Posted on 16th November, 2018

Hello and welcome back to the Smarties and Sweeties blog.

This week in Smarties we have been developing our dressing skills. Some of us were able to put our arms into te sleeves and put on and take off our hats. We have also been helping our friends if they need support.

The Smarties have been making birthday cake with the duplo and have been using this to help identify number and colours.

The Smarties have developing our communication skills by talking about our birthday experiences on as part of our Bella's birthday surprise topic. We have also been mark making using different resources such as chalk boards, paper, sand and shaving foam.

Some of us are able to draw lines and shapes and we can hold mark making tools with support. We practise this a lot during our mark making activities.

This week in Sweeties we have been baking cakes for the children in need cake sale. We have been colouring in Pudsey pictures and using this to help us with our colour recognition. We have also been treasure hunting and finding toys and animals. Using fish net to catch toys in the water. We have enjoyed having story time under the shelter in the garden and playing with the cars. I t has been a great week at nursery. Hope you all have a great weekend hope to see you again next week.

Friday 9th November

Posted on 9th November, 2018

Hello and welcome to the smarties and sweeties

The children have been making Diwali cards and colouring in special lanterns. The children had fun at the Diwali party and had been dancing and moving to the music.

The children have been making birthday cards for their friends and decorating them using paint and glitter. The children have been using paint and glitter to make their cakes.

They have been doing lots of mark making tools to develop their fine motor skills such as chalking and felt tips and chalking. The children have also been painting and using the different colours to mix together to make their own colours.

The children have also been making lots of different poppys for our rememberance day celebrations by painting the stones and decorating them with red paint and black spots.

The children have been identifying the the first letter of their name by doing the register song. The children have been excited when they know what letter their name begins with.

The children have also been playing in the sand and using the sand to fill and empty the containers. As they have been learning about full and empty containers.

The sweeties have been having lots of fun with the Diwali party and have been doing lots of dancing and copying the teachers dance moves.

The children have also been making firework pictures with chalk and using the colourful paints. The children have also been using lolly pop sticks to create their work.

The children have been developing their self care skills by playing with the babies they have been putting them in the water and washing the dolls hair and brushing it after.

The children have been looking at the shapes in the environment looking at the ceiling in the room and talking about all the colourful shapes they saw. They also named the shapes they saw outside saying the balls are circle shapes.

What a lovely week we have had hope to see you againg next week

Friday 2nd November

Posted on 2nd November, 2018

This week in Smarties we have been getting very messy by exploring the soil. We used lots of different spades to dig up the soil and see what we could find hidden underneath it all. We used different sized spades and spoke about who had a big spade and who had a small spade. We really enjoyed getting messy in the soil and were very happy once we had finished this activity. We have also been celebrating halloween this week, we have made halloween cards, our pumpkin and made mummies out of toilet roll. After we had decortated our room with all of our halloween decorations we then had a big party, with lots of dancing and lots of party food. We really enjoyed copying our teachers dance moves and looking at all of the halloween costumes that we were all wearing.

We have also been decorting our stones ready for rememberance day. We painted them red with a black dot in the middle to resemble poppies. These will then be put up and displayed with all the other rooms poppies and other crafts ready for rememberance day.




This week in Sweeties we have had a lovely chance in getting to go over to the Rolos room, to spend some time with the older chidren and their teachers. We explored the activities and toys that they had to offer and enjoyed to be in a different room getting to know new children. We have also been getting very messy this week, by using lots of different materials to create different textures for us to explore. We made foam dough by mixing up shaving foam and corn flour to form a sticky messy dough that iis fun to mold and play with. We used the dough to mold it into different shapes and spoke about the shapes that we have used. We spoke about simple shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, stars and hearts.

We have also been celebrating halloween this week. We had our lovely halloween part were we dresssed up and did lots of dancing. We had our dance teacher Carie come in, who did lots of different dancing with us and we got to explore different materials and how they are able to move as we dance. We have also had the zoo lab come in, so we were able to look at and ask lots of questions about all of the different animals that we can see.


The smarties this week have been creating ghosts for halloween, they made these out of plastic cups and black paper. The children listened to the simple instructions really well and created some great ghosts.

The children have been playing with musical instruments, looking at them and how they are making the sounds. 

The Smarties have been mark making using different tools, we have been encouraging the children to talk about what they have drawn.

The children have been printing spiders using different objects and using paint. The children loved creating their spiders.



The sweeties have been painting with lollypop sticks this week, they used different colours and made some lovely pictures. 

They have been learning different ways of dancing and how to balance. They have been watching clips of people dancing and copying them.

They have been playing with the ict phones to recognise numbers and letters. They have been pressing the number and saying what it is.

They have also been practising their makaton signs and enjoyed outdoor play with the bikes and cars. 

This week in Smalrties it has been a very creative week. We have been getting very messy with play such as Jelly Play which include creepy crawlys, making playdough to play with through out the week and exploring the textures in the process, decorating materials for our nursery rhymes display using materials such as paints and sticking and gluing. He have also focused on our Halloween topic by doing Halloween dress up and trick or treating games finding things that are big and little to understand the concept.


This week in Sweeties we have been decorating witches hats and pumpkin pictures. We have also been doing hand painting to make spiders for our Halloween display.

We have been learning about different textures and have been involved in different sensory plays. We have also been playing with the Role Play dressing up which has also been Halloween themed, including our favorite songs to link into this. It has been fun doing all these diffrent activites and we hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Friday 5th October 2018

Posted on 5th October, 2018

This week Smarties have started their new topic "Room on the Broom". We have done some hand print witches on our brooms and made tissue paper pumpkins. Smarties have also enjoyed joining in with lots of messy play. We explored the shaving foam, looking at different colours, textures and smells throughout the whole activity and enjoyed getting our freinds and teachers very messy. The Smarties have also been working on their sharing skills during focused activies. They were passing glue and sticking resources to each other while trying to use their manners throughout this. 




This week in Sweeties we have been looking at our new focus book "Room on the Broom". When the Sweeties saw that it was all about a wicth and dragon, they all started to talk about halloween. We then decided that we were going make our own spiders for halloween. We picked out different coloured paint and then painted our hands to make two hand prints. We then decorated circles for the spiders bobies. After this we attacted the hand prints to the bottom on the decorated circles to created the effect of legs. 

We have also been doing some toy painting for our beautiful art draws. We chose our own toys and dipped, stomped and rolled toys into multi coloured paint and decorated our paper with the marks of each toy. We used cars, loopy links, star burst, linking stars and animals. 

The Sweeties have also really enjoyed joining in with song and story times and have used their beautiful to show all of their teacher how lovley they can sing. 

Thursday 27th September

Posted on 27th September, 2018

Hello and welcome back to the Smarties and Sweeties blog

The children in Smarties have been learning actions to their favourite nursery rhymes. They have been practising row row and twinkle twinkle. They have also been practising tumble tots and other action dances.

The children in Smarties have been practising sharing and turn taking with the dolls house and the small world toys this week. The children were able to take turns and play alongside each other really well. The children in Smarties liked pretending the peppa pig toys were sleeping in the bunk bed.

Smarties children have been playing in the garden alot today and have been chalking in the garden, holding the chalks in there hand and trying to make the marks on the chalk boards. The children were copying the different shapes they saw and were naming shapes and colours.

They have also been playing with the construction toys such as the duplo and the star burst. The children have also been playing with the duplo and the big blocks in the garden.

The smarties have been creating lots of lovely art work for their display such as painting and creating splash paintings. They have also been making letters for their postman display.

This week in Sweeties the children have been doing hand and finger painting for their under the sea display board. They have been looking at the under the sea animals.

The children have been learning about different body parts and have been using these to move in a variety of ways. Such as clapping hands and stamping feet. 

They have also been participating in yoga and moving to music

The children have been making instruments and have enjoyed outdoor play. The children have also had a teddy bear picnic and have been sharing what we like best during circle time with our friends and teachers

We hope you have had fun reading this blog and have a lovely weekend

Thank you

Friday, 21st September 2018

Posted on 21st September, 2018



In Smarties this week we have been developing our recognition of shapes. We have been learning the shapes: square, circle, triangle and rectangle. We were able to draw circles and some of us were able to draw triangles that our teachers had shown us!


We have also been developing our communication skills with activities like role play and register time. We have had lots of fun with pasta play were we had fun exploring the colour of the pasta and the texture too. The children were able to sit around the tray sensibly and share the activity with their friends, showing lotso f turn taking and kind hands.




In Swerties this week we have been making lots of letters for our Mommy's and Daddy's and our friends so that the Jolly Postman could pas our letters on to them.


We have been doing lots of hand printing for our display board and have been exploring lots of colours and mixing them together too. This week we have helped bake a non-dairy and egg free cake and it was lots of fun to mix the ingredients together and was very yummy to eat too. We have also had a lovely week at nursery and can't wait to have many more fun activities next week.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Friday 14th September 2018

Posted on 14th September, 2018


This week in Smarties we have been doing lots of different artwork, we have enjoyed doing splash painting and creating lots of different shapes on the paper. We have also been using the paint to do free hand painting.

The children loved the cooking activity this week, we created chocolate concrete cake, they loved helping to pour the ingredients in the bowl and using a big wooden spoon to help mix the ingredients together. 

The children have been exploring different textures when water was added to sand, creating different feelings and being able to make marks in the damp sand. 

The smarties have also been making some lovely music and sounds on the musical instruments this week, they then danced to the music too.

The Smarties made handprints using different coloured paints and were talking about what colours they were using and about this fingers.


This week in Sweeties we have been doing lots of texture play, we have been exploring the different textures of rice pudding, bubbles in water. They have been talking about how it feels and what they can feel. The children enjoyed these activities and doing it as a group with their friends.

They have been learning how to count numbers to. They have been doing this by learning songs and learning the days of the week. They have done really well and have caught onto the songs really well! Well done Sweeties!

The children also makde some chocolate concrete cake, and we made it super chocolatey too! The children spoke about how much they like chocolate and what their favourite chocolate it.


Friday 7th September 2018.

Posted on 7th September, 2018



This week in Smarties the children have been learning their new teachers names and their new friends names through the use of their reigstration song and in circle time. They have been singing along to the song and repeating their teachers and friends names throughout the day so that the children able to familiarise themselves with the new names.


The Smarties children have also enjoyed playing with a variety of sized cars and talking about bigs cars and small cars and starting to become familiar with the terms 'big' and 'small'. The children are repeateing the words big and small and attempting to identify objects of the different sizes within their play, which enabled the Smarties children to enhance their numeracy skills and understanding.


The children have enjoyed playing within the sand at nursery and have been using different sized buckets to fill up with sand through the use of spades to transfer the mud from one bucket to another and they have enjoyed pouring out the sand back into the sand pit.




This week in Sweeties the children have been having lots of fun getting used to their new routine. The children have been discovering ne toys within the room and they have really enjoyed playing with the dolls, where they have been putting them to sleep using blankets and tapping them to sleep. They have also enjoyed playing with the role play food, pretending to cook their dinners and then feed it all to their new friends and teachers.


The children have also been participating in some cooking, making rice kirspie cakes and have enjoyed stiring the melted chocolate and adding in different things to create their unique rice krispie cakes. They enjoyed watching the chocolate melt and mixing the rice kirspies into the choclate and they have talked about the smell, texture and taste of the choclate and cakes too.