Sweeties Gallery

Sweeties occupies the whole of the first floor in our main building, and is split across three large rooms. There is also an additional nappy changing area and private toilets/washing facilities for our children to use.


Within our rooms we have a dining area where our children are served all of their meals and snacks throughout the day. There are also lots of different topical areas for education and play in the rooms, as well as the latest technology, such as computer facilities, iPads, and a whiteboard used for storytime.


Our Sweeties unit caters for 16 children and we have 3 qualified staff and 1 trainee on the area.



  Jennifer Owen, Sweeties Supervisor


  • BA Joint Honors in English and Psychology

  • NVQ Level 3 in care, learning and development

  • Level Three award in First Line Management

  • Paediatric First Aid 2014

  • Child Protection for Early Years practitioners 2014

  • Level 2 Food Safety in Catering Refresher 2014

  • Introduction to a the role of a Setting based SENCO

  • Developing the role of a setting based SENCO