Fully Installed CCTV


Achieved quality assurance award



 "Children enjoy ample opportunities to be active, and extend and test their physical skills. The nurturing staff team places a clear focus on promoting the children's personal, social and emotional development."


(Ofsted, January 2016)

Food hygiene rating '5' achieved for the ninth year

  running 2017

"Disabled children and those with special educational needs are fully included and valued. Staff work sensitively with children, planning precisely for their learning and ensuring they make sustained progress in relation to their starting points."


   (Ofsted, January 2016)


Full report here

''Staff are highly responsive to the needs of children to secure their safety, welfare and well-being. As a result, the children show a real sense of belonging, confidently exploring their environment and are happy."

(Ofsted, January 2016) 

Food Hygiene rating '5'Achieved again for the ninth year running 2017 


"The leadership team has an excellent overview of the nursery, staff practice, quality of teaching and the progress children make. Self-evaluation is used astutely to drive continuous improvement."

(Ofsted, January 2016) Logo


SATURDAY 5th MAY 2018 

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The Government are funding 30 Hours Childcare from September 2017 for children aged 3- 4 years who have working parents in the UK

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We are an award-winning private children's day nursery based in Yardley, Birmingham. We first opened our doors in 2001, and are very proud to now have 6 playrooms, 30 staff and children aged 3 months to 5 years within our Little Swans family.  

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Our opening hours are 7.30am to 6pm

Monday to Friday

Did you know we were awarded Outstanding Ofsted

in April 2013 & January 2016?

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About Little Swans

At Little Swans we have many ways of providing a reassuring atmosphere, a key factor for most young children is building a relationship with, or attachment to, the people who are caring for them. It's hard for children to come into a new setting and make several attachments at the same time. At the nursery we help the children separate from their parents by providing a key person system. This means that one adult in the setting will take responsibility for your child, and that they build a special relationship with each other. We also carry out home visits (3 mile radios). Please refer to the Home Visit page.

Children tend to feel more reassured when they know what to expect. This means that routines and consistency are important in each area of the setting. Therefore, our routines are flexible, but are structured enough for our children to be able to anticipate what is likely to happen next.  For example, to know that after going outside they will be washing their hands and that after story time they will be going home. Frequent staff meetings and policies ensure that we work together in a consistent way so that children in our care feel secure within the nursery environment. All children are treated as individuals and we strive to fulfil the needs of the children and their parents/carers.

We are an educational nursery and follow a well-planned curriculum for children in all areas. Each term we have a different topic that we plan lots of exciting activities around. Please look at our OFSTED report. This details our positive approach towards childcare and children's education.  We have recently recruited a new member to the team.  Diane who has a 2:1 Early Years Education Degree will be teaching  the pre school children two days a week in Heroes along with Pam and Atikha.

About our EEL & BEEL qualification:

In October 2014, our nursery was awarded the EEL and BEEL Quality Assurance Certificate for our work around child education. Effective Early Learning (EEL) and Baby Effective Early Learning (BEEL) awarded by CREC (Centre of Research in Early Childhood), is an 18 month curriculum, which provides an indication of the fact that the nursery provides well above the minimum standards required by OFSTED. 

The quality improvement programme has empowered and developed nursery staff, through child observation methods and planning the next steps of each individual child. This was renewed in 2016.